While women have traditionally always been in a worse financial position than men, the COVID-19 pandemic has struck a particularly hard blow at women’s finances, with some experts dubbing it “the pink recession” or “shecession”. This is largely because the hardest-hit industries – travel, retail and hospitality – tend to be heavily female-dominated. With this in mind, this month we’re taking a look at resources that specifically aim to empower women financially.

Financial Focus Program

Our Coach4U Financial Focus Program simplifies complex, often confusing financial matters to help women gain confidence in their financial decisions and achieve their most important financial goals. Participants receive individual guidance and coaching, which focuses on their strengths, and set up a wealth portal. The Coach4U Facebook Community is a great place to find the support, accountability and camaraderie of likeminded women achieving their money management goals together.

Women NSW Financial Toolkit

Women NSW has compiled a free financial toolkit that aims to help women be more confident money managers and secure their financial futures throughout every life stage. The toolkit gathers together a wide range of resources that can help women manage their money with topics spanning everyday money matters, planning for the future, and help with money concerns and emergencies.

Women Talk Money

Women Talk Money aims to help women improve their financial literacy, through resources including videos, helpful reading and quizzes to test your knowledge. In particular, there’s some good information for dealing with money issues that can come up in relationships – from getting married or moving in together to splitting up and separating assets.


Financy is an Australian online women’s money magazine focused on helping women live their best, most fulfilling lives through achieving their money goals. Articles span a wide breadth of topics, from gender equality in the workplace and coping with financial stress to the latest financial news that’s particularly relevant to women.

The Financial Diet

If learning through other people’s stories appeals to you then The Financial Diet might be right up your alley. Alongside personal money management advice, you can sneak a peek into other people’s financial journeys and how they conquered their financial challenges. Among them, stories about the unique challenges of having to support family members at a young age to how to cope if you get targeted by a financial scammer.

Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance is a US-based financial literacy platform but many of its resources are equally helpful for Australian women too. Clever Girl has blogs, videos and a podcast, as well as fun and practical resources such as a monthly financial literacy book club, free online courses, and tools to help you create an actionable financial roadmap.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is general in nature and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider whether the information is appropriate to your circumstance before acting on it and, where appropriate, seek professional advice.