When the weather is chilly it’s all too easy to hibernate and watch Netflix at the end of a long day at work. But staying active is even more important in the cooler months when we’re getting less sunshine and fresh air to keep us feeling cheerful. Here’re some simple ways to keep moving.

Take a class

Trying new things is not only fun and good for us physically but healthy for our brains too, so why not try a belly-dancing, fencing, Tai Chi or barre class this winter?

Have a car-free day

Weather permitting, leave the car at home and walk to work or at least to the bus stop. Or try challenging yourself to walk somewhere that you’d normally to drive once a week.

Team up with a friend

Accountability is a great way to get motivated when the couch is calling. Sign up for a boot camp with a mate, meet a friend for a walk, or book in a social game of tennis.

Find a heated pool

It’s harder to get into the water when the temperature dips but a lot of Sydney’s pools are so well heated that they’re as pleasant as a warm bath. Try an aqua aerobics class or swimming lesson if you need extra motivation.

Work out in your living room

With the wealth of free workout videos now available online there’s no excuse for not exercising even when it’s too cold to step outside. Search YouTube for Pilates, yoga, aerobics or whatever takes your fancy.

Get into winter sports

Besides skiing, snowboarding or ice hockey there’s quite likely an ice rink nearby where you can take a spin and get a rosy glow in your cheeks at the same time. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate afterwards.