Does the culture of video gaming confuse you? Cara Lane is the mom of gamers, and she knows from first-hand experience that parenting gamers of today from her “Pac-Man mom” perspective of yesterday isn’t easy. This TEDxIdahoFalls talk is a must for parents learning how to cooperate, balance and become an ally with kids who love to game, and will grant frustrated parents the relief that comes with knowing peace is possible in a household with gamers. Send this link to your mom! Cara Lane is a top-notch trainer, a motivational speaker, communication coach and author. She has traveled around the world delivering keynote addresses, corporate trainings and retreats. Cara Lane is the author of an inspiring audio book called, “Timeless Career Tips for the Modern Millennial.” Cara coaches on generational differences and communication skills. Cara has her degree in Education and brings enthusiasm to her teaching. Cara has presented her proven formulas for dealing with people and situations which have resulted in better collaboration for organizations. Cara has been voted the 1 trainer through a national training company. She is a loving wife, a mom, a faithful friend, and a woman of faith. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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