6 Ways to Improve Your Financial Quotient

We hear a lot about our IQs and our EQs but how can you boost your Financial Quotient (FQ)? There are many free or affordable websites, blogs, podcasts, courses and coaching services available, all of which can help you build on your financial smarts – empowering you to make better decisions for your future. Here are a few of our favourites.

Podcast: The Pineapple Project (Season 1)

An ABC radio initiative, The Pineapple Project is hosted by comedian Claire Hooper. Its first season was focused entirely on helping listeners become better with money. In 10 entertaining, ‘finance-made-simple’ episodes, the season looked at everything from the life-changing magic of making a budget to why you need an emergency fund. All 10 half-hour episodes are still available for free and it’s a great, often highly amusing, way to get your head around some financial basics.

Podcast: Work Life Money with Ross Greenwood

In this weekly hour-long podcast, business and finance reporter and editor Ross Greenwood – known for his time on Nine Network and 2GB, as well as his monthly column in Money magazine -- covers wide-ranging financial news and trends. Among them, the big money topics that affect us all, such as superannuation, budgeting, taxes, and financing aged care. Take a deep dive into current financial issues of the day.

Magazine/Website: Money

Long-running personal finance magazine, Money, offers loads of accessible financial advice, news, and trends insights spanning investing, property and money management. While we think the magazine is worth the subscription price for its ongoing financial education, the website offers a lot of free articles, including a special section on navigating your finances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Website: MoneySmart

We love ASIC’s in-depth and practical financial guidance website. Whether you want to get started making a budget, are concerned about superannuation scams, or need urgent help with money issues, there is a wealth of easy-to-understand information here. This is also an excellent place to find all of the latest information for everything related to your finances during COVID-19.

Website/Blog: Choice Money

Consumer advocacy group Choice is our local expert on making sure Australians have unbiased, trustworthy advice available when making big decisions. Their Personal Finance and Money Advice section is no exception. Here, you can find practical advice on a range of topics including buying property, banking, and credit cards and loans.

Coaching: Money Coach 4 U

MoneyCoach4U is our completely personal money management program, which empowers you to take control of your spending, saving and budgeting, so that you can grow your wealth and achieve your goals. We blend life and business coaching strategies with expert financial planning techniques to help our clients transform the way they manage their money.

If you could use some financial advice during these challenging times we are always here to help. Call us anytime on (02) 8268 2900 for an obligation-free chat.